Please read all of the terms and conditions throughout this agreement carefully. Signing this agreement means that you have read and acknowledged all terms and conditions of this agreement and agree to be bound by them. TGFF requires all vendors to adhere to these terms and conditions without modification or limitation by the vendors or their guests. If you do not wish to be held to these terms and conditions, you are not authorized to participate as a vendor in the TGFF Northwest Bird Expo. TGFF reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice. Any and all rights not expressly granted in the terms and conditions are reserved by TGFF.

Please Add Northwestbirdexpo@gmail.com to your contact list and/or check your junk folder for contact and update emails. 

 No public birds are allowed at this event and absolutely no birds will be sold!

Vendor Application,  conditions and Agreement

Vendor spaces are 9x9 for indoor and 10x10 outdoor for the affordable cost of only $70! (you will be placed first come first serve)   Spaces come with one free table, and two chairs with each additional table being $30 and chairs $10. All requests for additional tables and chairs must be submitted with this application.

*​​​  Each booth will be pre-measured and the edges defined prior to set up. The vendor booth              shall not go past those parameters.  Booths will be first come first serve and no booth shall be    assigned until payment in full is received and processed and booth placement is at the sole discretion of the Northwest Bird Expo planning committee members.   You have the option of paying for your booth now or at the due date.  All monies owed to The Gilded Feather Foundation will be paid in the form of a cashier's check, PayPal, money order or cash NO LATER than May 15th,  2017.  If monies are not received by these due date of June 1st, 2017 a late fee of  $25 per day will be added to total monies owed. Unless the event is cancelled by TGFF absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given. Double corner booths are first come first serve and not guaranteed, they also may have a pillar, or window seat, that is why they are discounted.  

* Each Vendor will have Friday June 30th from 5-8PM  and Saturday July 1st 7-10am to set up. Vendor tear down must be done Sunday by 5pm.

*  Electrical Outlets may be available upon request only (and is not guaranteed), however, each Vendor must bring their own extension cord(s). 20’ or longer with a ground or adapter is recommended.

*   All Monies owed to the TGFF must be paid in full before you are allowed into the expo.

*    Identification badges will be provided and must be worn at all times.

*    Each vendor is responsible for all business licensure, taxes, refunds, shipping on all sales at their individual booth if sales take place.

*    Sales of birds or adoptions of ANY bird are absolutely prohibited.  If this is disregarded you             will be asked immediately to leave the event.  

*    All vendors are allowed to bring in one bird.  Each bird will have their annual wellness paperwork from their certified avian veterinarian and for the cost of $20 per bird (added to the total monies owed) will be inspected by our on site avian veterinarian and will be on site and at your booth no later than 8:30am on July 1st.  There will be no swapping birds on different days.  No other birds are allowed into the venue after the veterinarian has completed the inspection.  TGFF reserves the right to remove any bird that is deemed to be in an unhealthy condition by our on site avian vet.  The veterinarian's decision is final.  For the safety of our vendor's birds...THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  

*  Absolutely NO Bird brought in is allowed to be unsupervised and if it is not properly free flight trained, must be harnessed, clipped, or in a travel cage. Any vendor is responsible for ALL damages caused by their bird to any part of the event facility or other vendors property.  The general public is not allowed to handle any of the vendors birds. 

  • The veterinarian will be checking to see if vendors/birds meet these criteria:​ Cages must be clean and in good condition (no rust or insects).
  • Fresh food and water must be supplied at all times.
  • Overcrowding in cages will not be tolerated.
  • Perches of proper size must be supplied in all cages with ample perch space for all birds.
  • Cages must be proper size for birds being displayed and MUST be able to contain your birds at all times including transporting to and from the expo.

*   The Gilded Feather Foundation is a not for profit organization. In order for this event to be a true success we rely on people like you to help as one of our means to spread the word about our events. Please add us to your web site, request posters or fliers for your store fronts or to stuff your bags, etc. Also if you are able to donate an item or items to our raffle table, it would be greatly appreciated. There will be NO LIVE ANIMALS RAFFLED. 

​*  Absolutely NO refunds will be given.

*  TGFF Ally Members / sponsors will have priority over other applications for booth assignments. IF you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please see our sponsorship page. 

*Taxes included in price

​*Terms of this contract may be subject to change at any time, without notice.

​​*  The Gilded Feather Foundation and Northwest Bird Expo reserve the right to refuse entrance, registration of seminars and/or vendor applications to anyone. ​​ We also reserve the right to bar any vendor or attendee from the event for any reason, without refund.*